Wednesday, March 26, 2008

About Me

I am Geshan Manandhar, a Master in Information Systems Development (MISD) graduate. Currently I am working as a Team Lead / Senior developer (PHP) at Young Innvovations Pvt Limited. I took up programming professionally in 2008 starting and mainly do PHP coding. I have interest in software analysis, design and development.

I have been working in field of Information systems development from the past 3 and half years with hands on experience in PHP, MYSQL, Javascript and AJAX. I have some knowledge of CSS and UI design as well.

In terms of tools I have been involved with CodeIginter and Zend MVC framwork and Drupal Content Management system. I have coded for both CodeIgniter and Drupal. I also have hands on experience with Git version control system and we use Redmine Project management system in conjunction with an internally coded distributed time tracker (dtti). I also have some experience with SQL Server database.

In the past year I have been exposed to a different paradigm of thinking in Conceptual level with data modeling, business intelligence (BI), meta data management and model transformation. I also have some experience with requirement analysis, data modeling and converting requirements into robust data models. I believe good documentation is a strong basis for success of any project.

I aim to be a proficient data modeler, information architect, Business Analyst and project manager.


  1. I landed here from Facebook wanted to read how could someone write about "Jimmy Neutron" but you have written a great thing man. And truly your blog rocks it has many things, you write good.

  2. Great theme and a great person to know about. Keep going, carry on the good work. My best wishes are always with you.!>

  3. Good to see people like you taking initiative in developing the dev community in Nepal. Are you on Twitter? Ping me: I'm @yush_nepal


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