Thursday, August 28, 2008

Load shedding Schedule 27th August 2008 Kathmandu

Load Shedding has been increased to 16.5 hours from 4 hours yesterday. Here is the schedule you might need:

Read this document on Scribd: Loadsheding Schedule 27thAug08 Kahmandu

New schedule for load shedding - Effective from 27 August 2008 Group Mangalbazar, Tripureshwor,Tahachal ,Pulchowk,Baneshwor, Bagmati Bridge, Koteshwor, Jorpati, Sankhu, Keshar Mahal ,Lazimpat, Kamladi, Budhanilkantha, Khichapokhari(Group 1) Pharping, Byasi, Thankot, Thapathali Kalimati,Imadol, Gothatar, Naya Bazar, Thankot, Dhulikhel, Ason, Bansbari, Tripuresore,Putalisadak ( Group 2) Patan, Thankot, Kalimati, Godavari-1, Naxal, Airport ,Om Hospital,Gairi Dhara, Sanga, Maha Boudhha, Baluwatar,Kalikasthan,Tin Piple, Palanchowk ( Group 3) Ringroad, Pulchowk, New Airport, Dhobhikhola, Danchi, Lazimpat, Nagarjun, Swayambhu, Kalimati, Khawa, Sanepa, Teku, Patan, BalKumari, New Road ( Group 4) Saibu, Katunje, Nalinchowk, Old Airport, Battisputali, Tangal, Sundarijal, Bishnumati , Maharajgunj-1, Kalanki, Gongabu, Anamnagar, Melamchi ( Group 5) Radio Nepal, Pulchowk , Nagarkot, Lubhu, Thamel, Dhramshali, Rope way, Kalimati, Nala, Durbarmarg, Thimi, Panchkhal ( Group 6) Chapagaon, Jawalakhel, Kirtipur, Sankhamul,Pashupati,Mahankal,Samak husi, Balambu, Swayambu Hosiptal, Khopasi,Panuti, Galfutar, Sallaghari. Bhotebahal, Bhrikuti Mandap( Group 7) Sunday 18:30-21:00 Evening Monday 9:00-11:00 Morning Tuesday 19:00-21:30 Evening Wednesday 11:00-13:00 Morning Thursday 19:30-22:00 Evening Friday 13:00-15:00 Day Saturday 15:00-18:00 Day 15:00-18:00 Day 18:30-21:00 Evening 9:00-11:00 Morning 19:00-21:30 Evening 11:00-13:00 Morning 19:30-22:00 Evening 13:00-15:00 Day 13:00-15:00 Day 15:00-18:00 Day 18:30-21:00 Evening 9:00-11:00 Morning 19:00-21:30 Evening 11:00-13:00 Morning 19:30-22:00 Evening 19:30-22:00 Evening 13:00-15:00 Day 15:00-18:00 Day 18:30-21:00 Evening 9:00-11:00 Morning 19:00-21:30 Evening 11:00-13:00 Morning 11:00-13:00 Morning 19:30-22:00 Evening 13:00-15:00 Day 15:00-18:00 Day 18:30-21:00 Evening 9:00-11:00 Morning 19:00-21:30 Evening 19:00-21:30 Evening 11:00-13:00 Morning 19:30-22:00 Evening 13:00-15:00 Day 15:00-18:00 Day 18:30-21:00 Evening 9:00-11:00 Morning 9:00-11:00 Morning 19:00-21:30 Evening 11:00-13:00 Morning 19:30-22:00 Evening 13:00-15:00 Day 15:00-18:00 Day 18:30-21:00 Evening

You can view it full screen by clicking the icon on the top right or download it here. Click the download link and select type of file to download.
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7 well designed Drupal Sites

Drupal theming is not as easy was it look. Drupal theming system is very flexible and robust but as the no. of modules increase the no. of CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) files also go up this causes problems in theming. The multitude of modules you use can be hard for the themer and changes in last moment is difficult to tackle.

For standard compliant browser's like Firefox and with use of Firebug theming might not be too hard but IE spoils the soup with all unpredictable output. On top of it the problems attached with fluid layout is a CSS designer's nightmare. In this context lets have a look at 7 well designed Druapl sites that I came across: (All links open in new window)

1. (Try some Lemon Water :-D)






7. (Last but not the least)

See the sites, see the HTML source of the above sites and use some firebug to know the intricate CSS details :-). Hope it helped you and you will also be able to or at least want to design sites (mainly Drupal) like these. For more mouth watering Drupal Sites see Happy Drupalling.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

5 Must subscribe Drupal RSS Feeds

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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds paired with RSS readers have just changed the way we keep track with our favorite sites. Now all popular browsers like Firefox, Flock etc have RSS reader built in them but if you want a centralized browser independent online solution try Google Reader or Bloglines. In this regard, here are 5 the RSS feeds I feed on to get he latest on Drupal as they happen:

1. Drupal Modules Feed: Though does not have a RSS link in the page I found out , give you the low down on all the new Drupal Modules.

2. Drupal Themes Feed: Similarly - RSS feed keep you updated with the latest themes.

3. DevBee Aggregator: at gives you all the latest news and happenings in the Drupal domain/Community.

4. - Module Development : RSS at will keep you updated with all the happenings of the Drupal module Development scene.

5. - Theme Development: RSS can be consumed at for all your theme development needs.

Hope you subscribe to these RSS feeds and reap maximum benefits.
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Monday, August 25, 2008

Dozen websites a Drupal User should not miss

Its been around 2 years now I've been involved in Drupal. I wanted and still want to try my hands in module development for Drupal but have not been able to do that ;-). Anyways here is a list of 12 sites except that I see for Drupal Related things, hope you like it.
(All links open in a new window)

Its a plain list no description as I know you'll have to see the site to find out what it offers.
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nothing kills a bad product faster than good advertising, true for Windows Vista

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Windows Vista is the latest offered operating system by Microsoft, Windows 7 is in the making and Windows XP is also still popular but may be due to exorbitant hardware demands and very low software compatibility vista is not popular. Popular let's say its not even accepted till now so ZDNET informs here Microsoft is spending a whopping #300 Million to promote Vista. A teaser is given below:

An old advert here from youtube says Vista is more secure, more.....

Now with the user access control giving problems on every application load and with lots of stability issues this $ 300 million ad. campaign will be a nightmare for Vista I guess. Let's hope that Windows 7 is better and will come soon in the market for the upgrade. For now nothing will kill Vista faster than the $300 Million Ad. Campaign. Best of luck vista ;-).
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

3 Space saving Ads. that impressed me

When surfing the internet we don't really care about ads., Google Ad. sense is ubiquitous and we don't bother about it but I saw 3 ads. that were cool, non obstructive to browsing but still could relay the message as they had to. 2 of them are flash ads. and one is crafted with javascript I guess. Here are the impressive but space adjusted and user focused ads:

1. (Flash Ad).

Ad at Top Left minimized notice the paper ready to flip.

Ad maximized on mouse over only :-).
This ad is great with flash and transparency the flip is so smooth that you cant stop doing it.The reflection is also maintained in a formidable fashion which is a good job done by the flash designer.

2. (Flash Ad.)
This is the minimized form of the ad. Aside header.

Now its maximized on mouse-over.
Its Transition is also smooth but just horizontal. Previously I had seen an ad. here of Sharp that was made in Flash with transparency which just seamlessly layered itself on top of the the header and above some parts of the content below it was great, but this is also good.

3. (JavaScript)
The ad. minimized.

Its Maximized form.
Its like a javascript of version of the first ad. It just overlays a new div/layer on top with more Z-index I guess but there is no transition animation, its like binary on and off.

These ads are impressive, lets think of new ways to put ads. on pages as it is our lifeblood in this knowledge based economy :-). I think its time to innovate more ways to showcase the ads. which help to meet both objectives of the ad. placer and the website surfer.
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Friday, August 22, 2008

Good artists copy, great artists steal.

I recently just surfed through this post at SitePoint, simply it starts like:

Pablo Picasso, the first living artist to be featured in the Louvre, influenced the artistic world in a uniquely original way. So why is he known for saying “Good artists copy, great artists steal”?

It’s true. Picasso really said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” Or at least, since his death in 1973, everyone believes he said that.
Now in this context I surfed 2 sites and amazingly found the design ditto same, I like the design its clean and flexible here are the two sites and below:

I don't know who stole the design from whom. If its a common template then I just wasted my time but how can two sites have the same theme/look and feel/skin is just a question in my mind. How??? Getting inspired may be a different ball game but ditto copy is....
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Friday, August 8, 2008

5 Drupal themes I've worked on

I’ll not start this blog post with what Drupal is, how good it is blah blah. I’ve posted things about Drupal on many aspects this will not be a tutorial kind post as others but here is a list and feature of five of the themes I like to start to build my own theme or have worked with in the past. The list is:

1. Zen: Undoubtedly the best theme to start with theming in Drupal. The new zen is amazing but I’ve not got change to work with it fully. I’m accustomed to using the Zen Basic but now I’ll move on to this gem of a theme. I has got everything, the template.php, easy customization and lots of code comments to make your life easier. Have a look at this screen cast here, to get your hands dirty.

2. News Portal: Is the next theme I used for my internship project. It is also a clean 3 column fluid width theme that can be great to start working on. It also has the template.php for easy customization and addition of more block regions. It is mainly a blue based theme with easy to edit CSS, I made an orange theme with this theme as the base and used view and panels to get the needed things in place. The files are not commented as zen but they are customizable and you should have some CSS knowledge to get things happening. As the name suggests it will be good for news sites and simple blogs.

3. Alek 2.0: Is a Dark theme with 3 columns and mainly a fixed layout theme. It will be good for sites with heavy content. Based on Amadou, this theme even has icons to suit your needs. It also has the template.php file and customization will be a piece of cake if have some experience in Drupal theming.

4. Amor Azul: Is a bright blue based theme with lots of content display regions and easily customizable. Highly recommended for content rich sites it is a good theme to begin customizing. A fixed layout with template.php this theme when used with panel can give you the desired look for your site. Code is ok but the detection of browser using PHP is not a good idea I guess, CSS is relatively hard to navigate thru. It is also a 3 column layout with two columns on the right.

5. A3 Atlantis: is a cool theme by Blamcast. It boasts of some good features and yes has a good layout as well. Its simple and clean, I also got the PSD from blamcast and it is a well designed simple theme very good for a blog I guess. Loaded with template.php a thing to notice is it does not have images subfolder none the less it is a good theme.

The above five are good themes to get your Drupal site rolling try them. You can get all the themes at , just wait till the page loads and hit ctrl+f to find the themes there are lots of themes there :-). Try other themes in a live demo here. Happy theming.

Geshan Manandhar
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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Suman Shrestha in Dual role

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Badha Parun Remix shot up Suman Shrestha’s popularity to new heights. Suman ShresthaWith his new album on the cards Suman Shrestha handling the dual role of a Manager at Reeyaz music and a Singer is also busy singing in collaboration with other artists like DJ Yuva and DJ Tantrik. The recently released video of DJ Tantrik’s album “Kun Desh Ki Chari” vocalized by Suman is gathering rave reviews and he has also song “Diunla Yo Joban” for DJ Yuva’s next album.

Suman stepped in Nepali music industry around a decade and half back with his keen interest to play bansuri. Then in 1992 AD he joined the band “The Angles” lead by Raju Lama as a guitarist. Then the band broke after some time and for two to three years he did not do any musical activity. After the gap he himself formed a new band called “Gigisa” of which he as the vocalist. The band released an album “Pani Muni Dhunga” of which the title track was a hit and largely appreciated. Then again the band cooled down due to reasons and he kicked off his solo career in 2000 AD with is solo album “Aduro Jiwan”. From this album two songs “Adhuro Jiwan” and “Aaunta Aayou” got rave review and success in the market.

Then on release of his second solo album “Effort” which features the hit number “Badha Parun Remix” paved the path for his highlighted career ahead. Originally sung by Dwarika Lal Joshi, he had legally taken the rights from Ram Thapa to sing this masterpiece. On being asked for the reason behind the instant success of “Badha Parun” Suman reveals that it was the time of remixes then and as it was the dawn of remix culture in Nepali music scene the song got instant popularity. On top of it, the song itself was very well composed and is an unforgettable evergreen gem of Nepali music.

With already three albums under his belt, Suman is working on his fourth album which will be his third solo album. He informs that two songs have been recorded and six songs are ready on arrangement. Though the album name is not decided he adds that there will be minimum eight songs in the album. About the changes in Nepali music scene he utters that the establishments of new media has helped the artists but may have in some ways hampered the commercial aspects of music industry. In relation to his album he stated “Gajalu Ankha” is a very good song and he may even visualize the song. Other than that song “Aaja Pheri Timi” is also a soothing number from his upcoming album.

Well versed in playing guitar and bansuri, Suman has taken formal training for playing guitar for one year and bansSuman Shrestha Manageruri for six months. He says self practice made him a better bansuri player. Except of the two instruments he declares he can also play tabla, dholak, harmonium and drums. On being asked three qualities a singer must posses he is quick to reply voice, dedication in singing and looks. He also adds that a singer must have good behavior.

Personally liking sentimental songs he verbalizes that songs with importance to lyrics is what he is fond of listening to. Currently busy with his new album and his work at Reeyaz music he identifies himself as a hobbyist singer. With a message to stop piracy to save the artists and Nepali music, he urges all the audience to love Nepali music.

It was nice interviewing him for, he is a cool guy for sure.
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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dance to DJ Tantrik's Rewind2

Rewind has set the base for great remixes and now is the time for its sequel Rewind: 2 by DJ Tantrik. In this ear where remix albums are mushrooming like anything we got a chance to review Rewind : 2. The video of “Kun Desh Ki Chari” vocalized by Suman Shrestha original song by Hikmat B. Mali is out and gathering rave reviews from all the music lovers. The cover portrays a young girl being mesmerized by remixed music I guess. The color theme of green, white and gray adopted by designers at “Colors” is just right to build the interest about he album to any buyer. Now let’s dig into what the remix tracks have to offer where the album tag line says “Re-Defining the classics”.

The album kicks off with the very popular track of the massively successful movie Darpan Chhayan titled “Lahana Le”, originally sung by Sadhana Sargam now it’s crooned gracefully by Indira Joshi.DJ Tantrik Starting beats gets you started to shake a leg, the composition of the songs is amazing but now the new arrangements also deserve an applaud. The next track is a real classic by Danny Dengzongpa “Hiun Bhanda Chiso”, for the remix CWA has lest his voice featuring Manas. The emotions of this masterpiece have been kept intact but the Rap seems a little unsynchronized in this song. The percussion and use of piano in the background makes the songs good for some listens. Subsequently a groovy number hits the speakers, “Tungna Ko Dhunma” originally by Indrajeet Mijar, this time the remix has been vocalized by Yubraj Chaulagain. The arrangements are very upbeat and encourage you to boogie. Lyric of this song is also formidable.

After that, “Kundesh ki chari” is included to rock you, originally sung by Hikmat B. Malla now it has been crooned in an impressive fashion by Suman Shrestha. The arrangement has some Bebot feel by the Black Eyed peas in the initial stages. As the song progresses it has the punch to knock you down. The lyrics are impeccable and singer Suman has also done justice to the arrangements by the DJ. The use of flute in between changes makes this 4/4/ beat songs stand out of the rest. Next track was originally sung by Nepal’s King of Pop himself “Ko Ho tyo”, when Om Bikram Bista sung this sung its sent shock waves to the nation now it has been vocalized by Indira Joshi and Parallel Shadows. The percussions do not leave your mind wonder away from the song, lyrics are remarkable and the signer has also done an awesome job. The unneeded English lyric attached in between does not seem inline with the song’s original feel.
Reviwnd:2 Back Cover

At track 6, the controversial “Mai Chhori” is here to stay, originally sung by Bharati Upadhyaya this astounding composition has been crooned in a distinctive fashion by Chanda Lama and Sujata Upadhyaya. Percussion, beat matching and the tango element in the album will make this a dance floor hit and also make you want to shake a leg. After it, originally sung by Prakash Shrestha and Bimala Rai “Kanchi ho Kanchi” is all set to captivate your senses. The remix has been vocalized effortlessly by Suresh and Bobita Manandhar this time in the remix and rap lyric has been uttered by Parallel Shadows. The USP of the arrangement is the harmonium and other earthy instruments which keeps the feel of the original in place.

Consequently Mausami Gurung and DJ LX try to match up with Bhuwan KC and Tara Thapa in “Ma Roop Hun” originally composition by every popular music director Sambhujeet Baskota. Here also some initial feel of an English RnB song can be felt but as the songs progresses the heavy beats and oh oh in the background take over. Next number is titled “Ecstasy” dedicated to Lord Shiva so what does Tantrikal happiness have, it has progressive beats and ecstasy in relevant loop. The blend of synthetic sound with conventional instruments like tabla and Sitar proves that the DJ has a good sense of beat matching and beat mixing. The song has an overall dance charm attached to it. Last but not the least, the compilation has a blended remix of “Come As you are” by Guns and Roses and Saal ko pat in “Come As you are Vs Saal Ko Paat”, this instrumental track with the mix of again synthetic sounds and conventional instruments hits that the DJ also wants to try his hand in fusion.

All in all, the album is a very dance floor friendly album with some tracks that will surely rock the dance floor in days to come. If you like the current remix trend then you must go and buy this compilation. It has all the masala you wish to get from a remix album. All the tracks can be put as your mobile’s CRBT if you use NTC mobile service. The album has been mixed and produced at Studio Parivartan. When you buy and listen to the songs you will not be disappointed.
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Monday, August 4, 2008

Rocker Marcia has lots of potential

Sixteen, lively and pretty Marcia Adhikari is all set to hit the Nepali music scene like a storm down under. Defining music as a form of expression and her passion she also dreams to make it big in the acting domain in the future after joining a film school. Though without any formal training but her voice quality and American accent will make you listen to her songs again and again. For that you will have to wait till October or November 2008.

Currently perusing her International Baccalaureate (IB – equivalent to our +2) at Pathways Worlds School, Delhi, she was here for her vacations after the exams. She practices at free time with her guitar. Marcia is also interested in sports like basketball, squash and swimming. SheRocker Marcia giggles and utters she plays soccer as well but sometimes only. Being in India for a decade and having majority of friends from abroad made her accent so American she articulates. A fan of rock music she mainly grew up listening to artists like Avril Lavigne, Audio Slave and Monologue, she is currently humming songs by Kate Voegele. Considering her future in acting she likes actors like Angelina Jolie, Jenifer Aniston, Saif Ali Khan and Imran Khan to name some. So this complete package is someone to reckon with who has the potential to take over the Nepali music scene.

Her album named “Man Mero” comprises of 8 songs, she points out it’s of Soft Rock and Alternative Rock genre. All the song’s lyrics have been penned by Durga Lal Shrestha except Sakdina whose lyric is written by Marcia herself. All the songs have been composed by Nhyoo Bajracharya. She informs “Man Mero”, “Ke Bho, Ke Bho” and “Sakdina” are the tracks in her album she likes more. Planning to make a couple of videos from her album she exclaims that she will model in the videos but not now it will be done when she comes back in her next vacation. Being supported by family and friends she urges all the people to listen to her album not by force but she expects they will find something in her. We wish her all the best for her album and videos.

Photographed By: Raj Bhai Suwal

This was my first interview with a lady (girl). After interviewing some guys I got a chance to interview a girl and it was an OK experience. Other news at
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